Rapid Hires LLC - Michele Durso, racist, abusive liar

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I recently had dealings with Michele Durso from Rapid Hires LLC. I went to them for a job and she was nice as pie and seemed really sweet. She set me up for a job interview eventually - it took a long time, as even though she claimed to have lots of open positions, she wasn't able to find me anything, even though she said that I would be back at work in less than 2 weeks (I knew she was lying about that!).

Anyway, I had the interview and didn't get offered the position. I asked her for feedback and she went crazy. She told me I didn't get the job because I was "a f*****g lazy black ***" and that I'd never get a job. I was so upset and still am.

This racist woman shouldn't be in business and I want to let everybody know not to have any dealings with her. I have since found a job with a reputable recruitment company.

She also changed her company name a few months after I signed up with them. They used to be called CJ Executives. I don't know why you'd change a company name - maybe somebody was suing them for something.

Beware this company and woman

Rapid Hires, LLC

5350 W. Bell Rd Suite 206

Glendale, AZ 85308

Phone: (623) 696-3434


Fax: (623) 696-3433



The comments being made on this board are so far from the truth.I have never heard or done business with any of these people at all.

In fact, I place jobs everyday and manage a staff of over 50 people with no problems at all.Funny how people hide behind the internet and spread lies about companines merely because they have nothing else better to do.


I have never heard or interviewed with this people at all. My company has never had contact with them at all. In fact, this is probably from consumers who are not qualifed for my positions and choose to lash out.


I also had a similar experience with Michele at Rapid Hours.She starts of being really nice but if you ask a question she can't answer she becomes really rude.

I travelled 2 hours to go to a job interview she set up and when I got there, the job was paying $7k less dollars than she's said.

She told me not to complain and that I was lucky to even get an interview.I would recommend that nobody uses this company to get a job.

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